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River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze
by Peter Hessler (Author)

In 1996, 26-year-old Peter Hessler arrived in Fuling, a town on China's Yangtze River, to begin a two-year Peace Corps stint as a teacher at the local college. Along with fellow teacher Adam Meier, the two are the first foreigners to be in this part of the Sichuan province for 50 years.


Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China
by Jung Chang

In Wild Swans Jung Chang recounts the evocative, unsettling, and insistently gripping story of how three generations of women in her family fared in the political maelstrom of China during the 20th century.


The Man Who Stayed Behind
by Sidney, Sr. Rittenberg

Rittenberg, the only American citizen to join Mao Zedong's Chinese Communist Party, befriended Zhou Enlai, debated with Mao and was influential in the '60s Cultural Revolution.


The Private Life of Chairman Mao: The Memoirs of Mao's Personal Physician
by Zhisui Li

Dr. Li's account of his years in the service of Chairman Mao is one of the most revealing biographies ever written of any major 20th century leader.


Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution
by Ji-li Jiang (Author)

This autobiography details the author's experiences as a teenager during the Cultural Revolution. Though wanting to be devoted followers of Chairman Mao, Jiang and her family are subjected to many indignities because her grandfather was once a landlord. Memoirs of the period are usually larded with murders, suicides, mass brainwashing, cruel and unusual bullying, and injustices. Red Scarf Girl is no exception.


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