Washington  Cultural Exchange Fundraising
The purpose of this page is to share with you a variety of ideas regarding fundraising. It is important to keep in mind that this upcoming trip is an opportunity of a lifetime. Therefore, you must make it a priority to follow through and make the effort. Please do not depend upon others to do the work for you. You must be self-motivated, creative and assertive when it comes to raising money for your trip. Also, start now! Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. June will be here quicker than you realize. One reminder, you must register with the WCE before you can begin fundraising.
The issue of money can be very divisive at times if we do not have a general understanding of the expectations involved with this trip
You are raising this money for your trip to China. Please do not use any money you raise for anything else.

1. You are limited to raising only the total amount of the trip.
2. All donations and money raised by your group should be sent into the Washington Cultural Exchange (WCE).
3. Each student/athlete will have their own separate account which will be credited for each deposit.
4. Only student/athletes are allowed to raise money.
5. If for some reason you are not able to continue on the trip, all donations will be returned to the donors and group money will be redistributed amongst your group.
6. Any personal money deposited will be returned to you.
7. When raising money, don’t focus on how much you have to raise. Rather focus on raising money in small increments. You will be surprised on fast that adds up.
It is important that you begin right away getting fundraising letters sent out. Again this is a personal decision about if you should or shouldn’t send letters. On the average our students have raised about $700.00 on letters. Some students have raised the entire amount of the trip from fundraising letters. Here are a few important elements about sending out letters and receiving a positive response:
1. Personalize you letter in some way. Include a photo of yourself or something about your goals and ambitions regarding world travel.
2. Click on this link for a sample fundraising letter.
3. Use a creative type of stationary. Kinko’s sells a special type of stationary with a world globe as a background.
4. Do not waste your time sending letters to large companies like Microsoft or Boeing. They usually do not respond.
5. Do not send out letters representing your fundraising group. Personalize it for yourself.
6. All money raised from letters will be yours. You do not share this with your group.
7. Make up a list to who you want to send your letters to. Family, doctors, dentist, teachers, anyone who you think would help sponsor you.
8. Some students have even gone as far as researching different type businesses of executive who might sponsor them.
9. Set a goal of sending about 10-15 letters out a month so the process does not overwhelm you.

Small Groups
Another important element in raising money is to work with a group. The goal here is to raise $600.00 per member of the group. It is important that once you select your group, you should meet immediately and establish some ground rules such as:
1. Which adult will handle the money raised by the group and make sure it is sent into the WCE.
2. Money should not be divided up and dispersed, it should be sent in to the WCE. This is for the protection of everyone in the event that a member should drop out of the trip, that person’s share will be redistributed.
3. Shares should be divided in accordance to amount of time spent working. For instance if you have a car wash, a student should only be credited for the actual time they spent working, not the overall amount raised. If for some reason they cannot stay for the entire time, but they have a family member stay they still should receive a full share.
Have all issues similar to these discussed and agreed upon before you even begin.
The best way to proceed with group fundraising is to work in three-month increments. Do not try and plan for events to far ahead. The process and discussion at the meeting should follow this format:
1. At the meeting discuss the money situation and come to agreement on how it will be handled.
2. Brainstorm different ideas about how to raise money.
3. Do not plan anything that will involve your school because they will not allow you to raise funds on school grounds or during school.
4. Once you have come up with some ideas, assign each member of the group a responsibility to head up an event. Each person will be responsible for arranging the event, delegating who will bring necessary items to do the event, and will communicate with other members as to when and where the event will be held.
5. Each group should hold a meeting about once every three months to plan new fundraising events.
Avoid getting into a competition with other groups. Ideally we would like it if ideas could be shared with other groups.


Fundraising Part 1