At this point we know very little about the teams we will play.  The information we have is that we will play three games. All three games will be played at a private elite school in Guangzhou against their government sports school. The Schools that we have played are Truelight, Pei– Zheng and Middle School No 47. From our past experience each of these schools will play their best players right away to see how good we are. Usually we face a group of high school age players. Therefore, we want to be as prepared as possible.  What we have provided you is a highlight of international rule variations, type of facilities we might be playing in, type of players, and their style of play.  From there we will present a brief game plan in which we approach each game.


As far as rules go we will be playing international rules.  The court size and height of the basket are the same.  Yet, concerning the rules there are some distinct differences we must be aware of.  First, we will not play four quarters; instead we will play two halves.  Next, you must realize that there is a 30 second clock in which the ball must be shot.  Also, the key is wider at the base line from what we are use to.  Another important aspect is when the ball is turned over, we do not have to wait for the referee to put it back into play.  Just pick the ball up and go.  Defensively we must be alert so as not to allow them to fast break us on a turnover.  Other key rules differences are:


There are several different possibilities with respect to the facilities that we will play in.  There is a chance we will play in an outdoor covered gym that has a tartan type surface.  Another possibility will be an outdoor court which is a type of concrete tennis surface or even hard compact sand.  A third possibility is another type of indoor basketball facility on concrete or wood.  Regardless of where we play in, we have to be prepared. The weather, fatigue, and the new environment are all factors we have to be prepared to deal with.


As with the facilities we really don't know much about the type of competition we will face.  Generally speaking, we probably will face teams that will use older players.  They will be quick fluid athletes who can pass and shoot the ball with great authority.  They also have a long range on their shots.  Perhaps ball handling and inside shooting might be their weaknesses.

In Guangzhou we will play against three different schools including a sports school that brings in the best athletes from southern China.  If we do well during the first half of the game, count on facing a higher skilled team for the next half.  I would assume that the first group we face will be somewhat older than us.  Apparently they do not want to get beat.  Then again, neither do we!


From the little information we have gathered we assume that the Chinese players like to play a fast paced style of basketball.  They are proficient in their passing and long range shooting skills.  Apparently they do not like to play a systematic style of basketball where they would run a disciplined offense and work the ball inside. 
Instead they will move the ball up the floor, pass it around looking for the open man.  In other instances they might attempt to drive the lane, and then pass back out to the 3 point range.
Basketball Competition