Washington Cultural Exchange 

China Trip 2017

Since 1986 the Washington Cultural Exchange has selected various teams and groups to travel to all parts of the world. The purpose of these trips are to participate in international competition as well as friendship exchanges with other students.

This coming summer the Washington Cultural Exchange will select a group to participate in an international competition and goodwill student exchange in China during the summer of 2017.

Like the previous groups who represented our area in China and Ireland the last eighteen summers, we will again be selecting a girl's basketball team, a boy's basketball team a softball team and a student travel group to travel into China during the summer of 2017. This trip is truly an opportunity of a lifetime to travel with friends into a foreign culture and learn about another part of the world.

If you are interested in being a part of one of the teams or travel group please read through the information provided on this web site and complete a Student Notice of Interest form.

This trip is sponsored and arranged by the non profit organization, Washington Cultural Exchange.

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China 2017
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